You could research this topic ALL day long & read thousands of different points of views, oils to try, vitamins to go on but besides knowing that hair does go thin & even fall out is all we really know at this point. Everyone is different whether its their genetics, their hair type, their lifestyle so there is no one fix all, unfortunately. I haven't personally experienced this but a question I get almost everyday is, "What can I do about my postpartum hair loss?" I realize how discouraging this can be & that you have probably tried so many things. Let's talk about what we can do if we do experience thinning hair or hair loss. 

If you have thin or brittle hair, there are definitely PRODUCTS you can use that will help give your hair more volume & bounce! Kevin Murphy has an incredible Thickening Line to add body that will plump up your hair in all the right ways. I 100% recommend using this line & you can ALWAYS DM me with any questions. This line helps thicken your hair by strengthening it, stimulates circulation in the scalp while nourishing the hair follicles, helps to maintain the integrity of your hair’s health & creates volume, while delivering softness and shine.

Products in this line include Plumping Wash & Plumping Rinse, FULL AGAIN thickening lotion, DOO.OVER dry powder finishing spray, STAYING ALIVE leave-in treatment & BODY MASS leave-in plumping conditioner treatment. They will help your hair look & feel full again!

If you have limp hair then Kevin Murphy's Texture Line is perfect for adding some life back into your hair! This line includes MY FAVE.....FRESH HAIR dry shampoo, BEDROOM HAIR finishing spray, HAIR RESORT for messy beach hair & HAIR RESORT SPRAY for iconic beachy waves.

ALL of these products are available on our website, CLICK HERE to browse products & learn more. 

I know you have probably heard this a million times but living a healthy lifestyle is SO important and really does affect every part of your body, even the health of your hair! A good diet provides the protein & nutrients that are needed to stimulate & strengthen your hair follicles. Drinking water will keep your hydrated & provide more moisture to your hair & skin. Stress can play a huge role in the health or ageing process of your hair. Exercise is an awesome way to relieve stress as well as meditate/yoga, daily affirmations & self care. I am the worst at doing these things & totally see it in my health, energy levels & daily habits. 

I know it is heard not to but DON'T play with your hair, twirl it, or pull on it when you are nervous or stressed. This can damage your hair shaft & cause it to loosen from your scalp. Along with that, try not to pull your hair up too much or wear your ponytail/bun too tight. Be gentle when you brush, I BEG you, do not tug or rip through tangles because your hair will be so damaged from that. The less heat you use the less split ends, breakage & brittleness which means your hair can grow better & retain body. 

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Whether you take a pre-natal, gummies, daily vitamins, protein shakes, taking care of YOU on the inside & outside is what matters!! That will look different for everyone so don't compare your journey, your diet, your regimens, etc to others. The goal is self- confidence & beautiful healthy hair!! xoxo

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