CRYSTAL.ANGEL - an illuminating clear gloss to enhance existing color & create a unique clear top coat.

SUGARED.ANGEL - a creamy beige that mutes unwanted warmth to create a luminous, natural vanilla tone.

AUTUMN.ANGEL - adds a luminous shine & soft apricot rosé shade for natural or rose gold locks.

COOL.ANGEL - magnifies cool ash shades and removes stubborn red and orange hues from the hair.

There is always an awesome Purple Shampoo to use in order to put the bounce back into your blonde, while repairing any brassy or yellow tones.

These are liquid gold and come in the colors Black, Dark Brown, Auburn & Light Brown. These will save you between appointments & during times like right now when you can't make it in for an appointment. NEVER use box dye!!

Now is the perfect time to be doing a mask at home to keep your hair shiny & your color fresh! There are so many treatments you can be using to restore & repair your hair. Let's be real we all need more ideas of things to do at home right now anyways & what better thing to do than some self-care!! xoxo

No matter your hair type, your hair concerns, or your hair goals there is a line of products for YOU!! Every line includes a specific wash & rinse. I love that Kevin Murphy products do exactly what they say they are going to do, have the best ingredients for healthy hair & have products that work together to fortify your regimen. The products are extremely concentrated so when mixed with water a little goes a long way & lasts forever!! 

Our website has a full description of each product including what it is for, the ingredients & how to use the product. Take a peek at what products are best for you based on your hair concerns.


I know we love to straighten, curl & crimp your hair but DO NOT overheat your hair or use heat on your hair everyday. Take the proper precautions when applying heat, to protect your hair. I hope you are ALL using a heat protectant or leave-in treatment that will help keep your hair healthy. If you have questions on which one I would recommend for you, please reach out!! 

Kevin Murphy does have a great dry shampoo that I love using!! Dry shampoo is awesome but I only recommend using it once between washes.

Styling Products can make all the difference. Whether you have curly hair & want bouncier curls, you want to tame the frizz, increase volume, or have a bomb finishing spray. We have it all!! My fave sprays ever are the DOO.OVER SPRAY and the BEDROOM.HAIR SPRAY.

We are still shipping out products during this time so you can still purchase anything online! We would love to answer any of your questions. We hope to see you in the parlour super soon!! Stay happy & healthy, friends!!

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