Summer Hair Inspo

SUMMER ISN'T CANCELLED & it's almost here!! Now is the time to get your hair ready for summer & whether you go darker or lighter, you will feel so good with fresh hair! What are your summer hair goals!? Head to our Pinterest page to pin all the hair inspo you need for your next appointment. Feeling stuck? We offer consultations to go over everything from your current hair, your hair goals, your everyday life, your hair type, maintenance upkeep, your face shape & your skin tone. There are tons of factors that we balance to find the perfect CUSTOM color for you!!

There are soooo many shades & tones of blondes. I love that no two blondes are the same & seeing the end result is even more satisfying! From rooty blonde blends, warm honey blondes, icy or platinum blondes, silver or ashy blondes, pearly dimensional blondes, lived-in blondes the possibilities are endless but you can't go wrong!!

If you are straddling the line between blonde and brunette, who says you need to tip the scale in either direction? Embrace the in-between with a dose of honey ombre or a touch of sandy low-lights. It will give new life to dull locks but keep that dreamy bronde balance. I love the dimension that comes from blending & hand-painting different tones for that sun-kissed glow. Bronde hair fuses brown & blonde together with color melting, balayage, and/or highlights. It's definitely one of my favorite trends!!

SO many of you have chosen dark for the summer with subtle caramel hints & I am here for it!! The glossy mocha color will look so shiny in the sun & gives off that moody bronzed look. If you prefer low maintenance hair & don't want to worry about your hair as much in the summer elements. 

No matter what color or look you go for this summer, you MUST take care of your hair & use the right products to keep your hair healthy & your color lasting. If you are wanting longer or even just thicker hair for summer hair styles & boho beach braids then HALO HAIR EXTENSIONS are the way to go!! You will LOVE them!! Read our HALO blog post to learn more about them & how they are the most cost effective & low maintenance option.

Spots are filling up fast & summer is right around the corner. BOOK AN APPOINTMENT TODAY.

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