Summer Extension Care

so here's the scoop...halo extensions are easy breezy covergirl status. BEST. INVESTMENT. EVER. Not only are you paying for long, thick, beautiful quality hair, an extra confidence boost, but also you are getting your life back, think of all the time you will have with getting ready being that much quicker & easier. That in itself is LIFE CHANGING. Anyways, like all good things, you have to love them & care for them. Halo Extensions should last 2-3 years IF you do your part & maintain them. Check out this blog post all about how to wash them. 

As if how we detangle our hair or apply heat to our hair didn't damage it enough, the summer & all its environmental factors are pretty rough on our hair, especially our extensions!! 

Don't get me wrong, WEAR YOUR SUN SCREEN! However, sun screen can have chemicals or ingredients that decolorize your hair, which can turn your extensions orange, pink, or even yellow & get gross. Don't let your hair get sunscreen in it, ok? You NEED to put heat protectant in your hair (or wear a hat) if you are going to be in the sun because the sun will fade your color real quick. Your heat protectant is like "sunscreen" for your hair. The sun & elements of the lake/ocean/pool will dry your hair out, so make sure to use these same tips with your hair whether you have extensions or not. Check out this blog post for ALL the summer hair care tricks.

Pool water can damage or ruin the color of your extensions. The chlorine & even salt water can strip your hair of color & even cause them to turn orange or green soo heres what you gotta do... before you swim, coat your hair in Olaplex or a leave-in conditioner to create a barrier that will help your hair from absorbing the chlorine. Then put your hair into a braid or loose high bun so that it doesn't sit in the water. IF your extensions start to look a little funky, use clarifying shampoo ( I recommend that MAXI WASH for a good detox) and then schedule a toner to help remove those color pigments you don't want. 

You definitely will want to wash your hair right after any swimming to rinse all that gunk out. Hair Mask it up to add that hydration back into your hair. You can add on treatments to any appointment or come in just for a treatment! We have an amazing scalp treatment, an olaplex treatment & a deep conditioning treatment. Your hair will thank you!! Check the availability & bookings here. 

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