This all feels surreal & there is so much uncertainty but we can't let it get us down! If you are home for a little while & have some time, we have rounded up some ideas for YOU to enjoy right now. And turn on those post notifications so you can watch our live videos & see what we are posting!!

Got a HOT TOOL you haven't used in a while? Pull it out from that bottom drawer in your bathroom & do your hair, friend! Or practice a new curling style. You'll be amazed at what getting ready will do for your CONFIDENCE & your productivity through out the day, even if you are stuck inside.

Click here to shop my favorite curling iron & triple barrel waver available on my site.

Still don't feel confident in curling your hair?? I have TONS of curling tutorials & a triple barrel waver tutorial on my Instagram feed, pinterest tutorials & my IGTV feed for ya, xoxo! I promise the more you PRACTICE, the quicker & easier it will be to style your hair!! Your curls will be perfection in no time!! I also occasionally use a straightener to curl my own hair, if you want to see how i do MY HAIR. 


Want to amp up your HAIR GAME?? Now is the time!! is there a braid or a style you have been wanting to master!? I am here to show you all the things, step by step! Or don't be afraid to try new ways of styling those accessories i know you have been dying to try. They are ALL on SALE right now and shipping is free on orders of $30+.

Save your fave tutorials on my tutorials board on Pinterest or check out some of faves on my IGTV channel.

Your hair needs to stay HEALTHY too!! Do a HAIR MASK at home or apply a leave-in conditioner to treat your hair & restore, thicken, or hydrate....depending on what your hair needs!! Find out what products are right for your hair.

You know that big list of things to do you have? What about those GOALS you made for this year. Think of this TIME as an opportunity to learn new things, enjoy old things and get stuff done!! We always wish we had more time or could have a break to slow down & enjoy ourselves so now is your chance!! ;)

Some goals I have for right now:

- Learn how to use my Kitchen-Aid

- Do my hair & makeup everyday to boost my mindset & all things self-care

- Post POSITIVE content & send uplifting messages to others

- Quality time with Davey & our bunny

- Keep supporting my fave small businesses

- Do all that I can to improve our business, better myself & live more INTENTIONALLY

I am feeling extra grateful for the parlour right now & that I have somewhere to go, especially when times are not as fun right now. I am so grateful for your continued love & support to our small business at this time. Your orders & your smiling faces at your appointment make our day!! WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER!!

What are YOU doing during this time?? Here are some fun ideas to keep you from going stir crazy & to help you feel productive or take your mind off of everything out in the world right now. ASK yourself these questions keep your mind healthy, be a support to others & to FEEL GOOD!! 

There are so many fun free things you can still do:

Go for a walk if the weather is nice, try a new recipe, doodle & brain dump in a journal, follow along to some free yoga, meditation or workouts offered online & on instagram, do a craft, work on a house project, do a hair mask & paint your nails, etc etc!! Facetime your family, pin new things on pinterest, make a vision board, make a new spotify playlist to pump you up around your house, read a book, or listen to a podcast!

@jacimariesmith shared some lists of shows, books & podcasts if you are looking for some new ones!!

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