Money Piece Magic

We recently added a new service to the parlour, Money Piece Magic and it is literally magic!! It is worth alllll the money, looks like straight money, without costing allll the money. It is the perfect option if you don't want to go all in or just need a quick touch-up to brighten up and frame your BEAUTIFUL face! It creates the perfect shimmer, we add some foils up front to make it pop and it also looks bomb when you pull your hair back, like sooo good! 

Here are some of my very FAVES we have done!! Like look at the difference it makes!! 


What even is a money piece? It is a strategically placed highlight along the hairline in order to frame the face. It is a simple service but so POWERFUL and totally ties in the whole look. The service takes about 2 hours and starts at $75. It can be a stand alone service, like our money piece magic service or it looks bomb with a balayage!!  

Things to think about when you book a service. What are your end hair results? Do you have bangs or layers? How do you tend to part your hair? That last one, is an important thing to consider when applying money pieces because it affects if we go off of your part or the center of your hair. If you want to be apply to part your hair different ways, we can totally adjust how we apply the product so that you have options while still maintaining the framing of your face with those money pieces. 

We apply the lightener really gently with some hand painting to create that soft natural blur. When applying, we will start in the center of your hair strand and work our way up to the hairline to give ourselves room to blur. This gives you the best quality of application, you will LOVE it!! It is so so important to build up your product slowly that too start off with too much product cause yikes. This gives you more control over exactly where you build the brightness because that is the whole point of the monaaaay piece! Also, it is so key to preserve some depth around your money pieces because otherwise it won't even be that bright money piece we are going for, that is the whole point! Understanding how to create shadow, lowlights and brightness will make the overall results BOMB.

Anyways, as always feel free to reach out if you ever have any questions!! ARE YOU READY FOR SOME MONEY PIECE MAGIC?? Check our availability, HERE.

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