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I remember having a vision & a MILLION questions, wanting to know where to start & how to make things happen. How could I, so young, open a business & build a brand? How could I educate others or grow into something bigger? I still don't know everything & let's be honest no one ever will but I ASKED FOR HELP! Don't be scared to ask for help! I wanted so badly to know more in areas that I wasn't the greatest in & pick the brains of people who have been there SO I DID! I asked questions, I connected with so many amazing people both in the hair industry & the business world. I have had so many amazing people mentor me & I continue to seek knowledge from coaches, in-person trainings, hair or business classes & online courses so I can be the best I can be not only for myself but for YOU.

You can sit back, make a million plans & wonder WHAT IF or you can take charge of your life and your dreams by just STARTING! I have invested so much time & money into everything I have learned so now I want to share it with you! I am so passionate about hair but even more passionate about HELPING OTHERS, especially in their own journeys! I want to see others succeed. I want to be a community where we can learn & grow from one another, not compete with one another. You are so amazing & no matter what your goals are, big or small, YOU CAN DO IT!!

Whether you are a stylist, a business owner, or someone with dreams of being an entrepreneur - LET'S CHAT! There are sooo many things that go into building a brand & a business. These topics are just a few ideas to get your juices flowing! You have to put in what you want to get out of anything. Invest in yourself because YOU ARE WORTH IT!


"The 20 questions call was so helpful! I left feeling more empowered & with more purpose going back into the industry! It's definitely an experience I would recommend!"

I can't even tell you how happy this makes me!! It has been so rewarding to see you guys diving into your ideas & gaining confidence in what YOU want to be & do. I have loved watching you start taking steps & making things happen!! I am here for you!! I am going to continue JUST ASK PERF even after the parlour has re-opened because I love it & i love you!!

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