How to Support Small Businesses!!!

We feel so blessed to have so much support & love from all of YOU during this crazy time full of uncertainty. We know how much love, energy & commitment goes into starting and running a small business so we ask you to really consider shopping small right now to all the small businesses out there. It is not only our dreams but our livelihood & we just want to serve you in every way we can. We are grateful for this opportunity to support small businesses we have grown to love as well, feel free to send us some of your favorites so we can connect with them & support them during this time as well.  

We know this time is hard for everyone & if you are unable to spend money we totally understand. There are SO many ways you can support small businesses without spending any money. We LOVE when you tell friends about our page, tag us on your stories to shout us out & comment on our posts. We want to connect with you & to be a space that you love so interact & engage on small businesses feeds because we are real people here for you!! A kind comment, message or tag makes a huge difference. 

Head on over to google to leave a review of our business. It takes 5 minutes & we would so appreciate it! Thank you to everyone who has already & think of your other fave small businesses you can review too! 

Head to our Instagram to turn on those notifications so you don't miss a thing from us & other small businesses you follow. If you don't see what we are putting out there, then we both miss out!! 

Like us on Facebook, share us on Facebook for your friends to see or leave a recommendation of us on our page! So simple & so easy to do for small businesses you know of. And you are already on FB a ton right now ;)

As you scroll through Pinterest right now, follow us & pin images of your hair goals or of tutorials you want to try! You can never have too much inspo for your next appointment! Anytime you try a tutorial or style from our page, tag us in your stories or pictures so we can see!!   

We are still here for all your hair needs!! We are shipping out orders still so browse the website or message us if you have any questions on product & hair care right now. We are having some awesome sales on accessories right now & free shipping on orders $30+. We can also arrange a safe pick-up/drop-off if you are local! 

Maintain your hair color at home & keep your hair lookin good so you can feel good!! You can also book an appointment for the future or purchase a gift certificate for you or a friend to use in the future!! Purchase gift cards to your fave small businesses right now to use for later or gift them!! 

Look at the bottom of our website homepage to enter your email & make sure you are signed up to receive our weekly newsletter!! Take a peek at our other blog posts for hair care tips, hair topics & last weeks post on things to do while in quarantine!! We love you all & hope you are all doing well!!

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