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Do you know what you are getting the men in your life for Father's Day!? Regardless of what time of year it is, men need to take care of their hair too! Whether it is a scalp massage & trim at the Parlour, products for healthy clean hair or even styling creams & gels, we have it all to help you pamper them! Whether they have a small amount of hair, loads of hair or are wanting thicker hair, there are products for their exact needs too! Men love to be tough but deep down they care about their looks too! We offer men's cuts & color services at the Parlour!! Kevin Murphy made these products specifically for me so let me tell you a lot about them! If they suffer from thinning or balding hair or have a dry flaky scalp then they need these!!


When you want an everyday shampoo, it’s all about finding the right balance! This shampoo effectively cleanses the hair & scalp. Its antioxidant-rich blend helps strengthen the hair, making it the perfect daily shampoo for any hair type.

Don't worry it doesn't have any girly scents! These products are composed of very manly ingredients ;) The wheat amino acids are what boost softness & shine will building fullness. The Sage extract has abundant vitamins & minerals that help greasy hair & an oily scalp. Green Tea is added for moisture retention.


An invigorating daily shampoo, bursting with revitalizing freshness. Created with a stimulating blend of Camphor Crystals, Bergamot & Black Pepper, it enlivens the senses, as it awakens & clarifies the hair and scalp. A lot of men love this wash because it leaves their hair feeling fuller & thicker! Even guys want that ;)


An invigorating conditioner for men that perfectly compliments the STIMULATE-ME.RINSE. Made with the same ingredients & added conditioning butters, it helps soothe & cool the hair & scalp, while strengthening & nourishing the hair. Super refreshing!! Guys need moisture & shine too! Say no to dandruff!!


Is his hair not as thick, full & lush as you’d both like? Give it a little extra oomph! This leave-in thickening treatment is designed for men with fine or thinning hair, and is rich in essential ingredients that will help thicken the hair. Using breakthrough eyelash thickening & lengthening technology, Kevin Murphy has harnessed ingredients that will leave your hair looking thicker & fuller over time. 

Spray it evenly throughout damp or towel dried hair, concentrating on the roots & scalp. It will help fortify hair from root to tip, increase microcirculation to the scalp & offer heat protection if your guy likes to blow-dry or style his hair.


This paste is the strongest of our hardworking molding pastes. It is designed to deliver rough, matte texture to enhance short or choppy looks. It helps seal in moisture to prevent hair breakage, and helps hair appear healthier & full of shine. It has natural Beeswax, which helps create definition & allows for the molding & setting of the hair. It also has Grapefruit Peel Oil, which contains high levels of Vitamins C and E to provide beneficial repair for oily skin & hair.


Rough up, and get down & gritty to create a seriously strong hold with this moldable styling clay. Its oily, gritty-like texture helps you define a slick, matte look that lasts. Infused with antioxidants & essential extracts it packs a punch as strong as it holds.


Packed with super-hero qualities to create a firm-holding, rubbery-gel that dries to a slick natural finish. Super-defined texture & style are created from our no-flake, water-soluble setting & molding gel, that not only enhances volume & hold, but doubles up as a great curl enhancer.


Designed with ingredients that help put the spring & stretch back into the hair. This firm elastic creamy paste, with flexible hold, allows you to create loose undone looks with a matte-textured finish. It’s the kind of moveable control needed to create definition & movement in-one.

It has Shea Butter, which delivers moisture to dry or damaged hair from root to tip, and helps repair & protect against environmental stressors, dryness & brittleness. Quickly absorbing, this naturally-good-for-you butter helps rehydrate the hair & scalp without clogging the cuticles.


A medium-hold styling paste that allows you to create the hold you want. This product imparts natural shine & delivers  flexible hold with a boost of antioxidant & essential oil goodness. It also helps leave the hair feeling nourished & conditioned. It delivers a glossy finish & is ideal for all hair types, while creating a thickening effect within the hair.


I recommend this spray for EVERYONE!! If your guy is a hairspray guy & likes a stronger hold then this finishing spray is perfect for a weightless, lasting hold.


This is hands down my favorite hairspray, I use it everyday. It is light, flexible & adds texture.

You can ALWAYS reach out with any questions by messaging us on Instagram!! We mini's available too if they want to test a product before they go all in! 
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